Saturday, August 29, 2009

Craig Biddle Talk on Auraria Campus: "Capitalism: The only Moral Social System

Come see Craig Biddle speak at the Auraria Campus about Capitalism and it's moral importance.


Capitalism: The Only Moral Social System

Capitalism is widely recognized as the practical social system because, wherever and to the extent that it is implemented, it leads to wealth and prosperity. But this same system is widely regarded as immoral because it enables people to act fully in their own self-interest, that is, to act on their own judgment and to keep, use, and dispose of the product of their own effort. This talk demonstrates why, far from making capitalism immoral, the fact that it enables everyone to act selfishly and own property is what makes it not only the most practical but also the only moral social system ever devised

Craig Biddle is an Ayn Rand Intellectual and Editor of The Objective Standard
Find out more about him on his website:

WHEN: September 21st from 7:00PM - 9:00PM

WHERE: Tivoli (room 250) Turnhale on the Auraria Campus

Tivoli Student Union 900 Auraria Parkway Denver, CO 80204 303-534-2003

Here is a website to help you find parking and any other information on how to get to the Tivoli:

And this is a link showing exactly which room the event will be held in, and it includes a virtual tour:

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