Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Next Meeting: Tuesday November 17th from 6:00pm - 8:00pm

This is going to be our last meeting until February 2nd.

Session 10: November 17, 2009: Pages 567 - 632
*Part 2: Chapter 7: The Moratorium on Brains
*Part 2: Chapter 8: By Our Love

*** Chapter 7: The Moratorium on Brains ***

* Who is Clifton Locey? What kind of person is he? (568-9)

* What is Eddie Willers' state of mind while Dagny is at the cabin?

* Section 2: 571

* What is Rearden's view of Ragnar? Why does he feel conflicted about
him? How does he express that in action? (573-84)

* By what principles does Ragnar operate as a pirate? What is his
purpose? Is he just? Is he foolish? What will be the ultimate
effects of his piracy? (575-81)

* What are the causes of the tunnel disaster? How does it depend on
people's choices, including their thinking? (584-607)

* What responsibility to the train passengers bear for the tunnel
disaster? How do their ideas lead to the crash? Do they deserve to
die? (605-7)

*** Chapter 8: By Our Love ***

* What is Dagny's state of mind at the cabin? What dominates her
thoughts? What does she struggle with—and why? (608-12)

* In her conversation with Francisco, what does Dagny think her basic
alternatives? What has she yet to learn? What are the basic points
that Francisco attempts to explain to Dagny? (618-20)

* How does Dagny react to the news of the tunnel disaster? Why does
that drive her to return to the world? (620-2)

* What is Jim Taggart's response to the tunnel disaster? What does
that say about his character and state of mind? (622-7)

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