Thursday, October 22, 2009

Here are the questions for this next week's meeting, remember we are now meeting from 6:00pm - 8:00pm, we are still meeting in the Arts Building room AR298.

Session 7: October 27, 2009: Pages 379 - 438
*Part 2: Chapter 2: The Aristocracy of Pull
*Part 2: Chapter 3: White Blackmail (A)

*** Chapter 2: The Aristocracy of Pull ***
* How is the state of the world different on this September 2nd than
on that of one year earlier, when the novel began?(379-80)

* Why is Lillian determined to go to James Taggart's wedding with
Hank? Why does Hank want to do anything but that? (385)

* What is the significance of the manner of Jim's courtship of
Cherryl? Why and how is she pained by it? What does Jim seek and
gain from Cherryl? What does she think she gives him? What does she
want from him? (387-92)

* Why does Lillian bring Hank as a present for Jim Taggart? What does
she reveal about her aims with respect to her husband? What is the
non-material recompense that Lillian wants? (398-400)

* What is Francisco's response to the claims that "money is the root
of all evil" and that "love of money is the root of all evil"? What
are Francisco's basic points? How does he connect money with
production and man's mind? How is money only a tool? Why is the only
alternative to money brute force? How have the principles discussed
by Francisco in this speech been dramatized by the events of the novel
so far? (410-5)

* Why does Francisco want Rearden to see the panic of the looters?
Why are they so panicked? Is it merely the financial loss or
something deeper? (421-2)

* What is the significance of the title of this chapter?

*** Chapter 3: White Blackmail (A) ***

* Why does Hank ask Dagny now about her prior lover? Why does that
show that he has never accepted Dagny's sexual desire for him? (426-7)

* Why did Lillian suspect Hank of having an affair? Why is she
certain that his mistress must be a low person? What does that reveal
about her? Why doesn't she ask him to give up the affair? Why won't
she grant him a divorce? Why does she want to make him feel guilty?
What kind of man does she wish to make him? (428-32)

* What is Dr. Ferris' manner of dealing with Rearden? What kind of
agreement is Ferris hoping to reach with Rearden? What does Rearden
learn in his conversation with Ferris? (432-7)

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