Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Next Meeting: Tuesday October 20th from 6:00pm - 8:00pm

Here are the questions for this next week's meeting, remember we are now meeting from 6:00pm - 8:00pm, we are still meeting in the Arts Building room AR298.

Session 6: October 20, 2009: Pages 309 - 378
*Part 1: Chapter 10: Wyatt's Torch (B)
*Part 2: Chapter 1: The Man Who Belgonged on Earth

Chapter 10: Wyatt's Torch (B)
* What do we discover about Eugene Lawson in the course of his conversation with Dagny Taggart? What did he seek and gain from the needy people to whom he granted loans, if not wealth? (309-13)

* What is the fundamental moral difference between Lee Hunsacker and Midas Mulligan? (313-21)

* What was the basic scheme for the Twentieth Century Motor Company implemented by the Starnes heirs? Why does Dagny think that it is pure evil? (323)

* What is the Fair Share Law? What is its basic premise? Why was it passed? (333) How will it kill Colorado?

Chapter 1: The Man Who Belonged on Earth

* Why won't Stadler publicly denounce the book or demand its retraction? What does that indicate about him? Is it worse than what he permitted to happen with Rearden Metal? (348)

* What is the effect of the Fair Share Law on Taggart Transcontinental? Why is Taggart Transcontinental making more money than ever? What is Jim's response? (352)

* Why does Dagny feel greater revulsion at Dr. Stadler than Jim or Orren Boyle? (353) Is he worse than the others? Why of why not?

* Why does Rearden refuse to sell any Rearden Metal to the State Science Institute? (360, 365-6)

* What kind of change have we seen in Hank's view of and relationship with Dagny? (367-8) Why does Dagny think that she can help Hank win his deliverance from guilt, but that she cannot do so by words? (367)

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