Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Next Meeting: Tuesday February 2nd from 6:00pm - 8:00pm

Questions for our first Atlas Shrugged Reading Group of the semester. Go HERE for the full schedule of readings.

Don't forget we have changed locations, go HERE for details.

Session 11: February 2, 2010: Pages 633 - 697
*Part 2: Chapter 9: The Face without Pain or Fear or Guilt
*Part 2: Chapter 10: The Sign of The Dollar

*** Part 2: Chapter 9: The Face without Pain or Fear or Guilt ***

What is Dagny's state of mind when she returns to work after the
tunnel disaster? How and why has her attitude toward her work
changed? (633-4)

What does the revelation of Hank and Dagny's affair mean to
Francisco? Why does it mean so much to him? Why is there such a
dangerous potential for violence between the two men? (638-9)
Why has Quentin Daniels quit? How is he ready for the strikers? What
has he learned? (644-5)

What is Eddie's response to his discovery that Hank and Dagny are
lovers? Why does he respond that way? What does he discover about
himself? (650, 652-3)

*** Part 2: Chapter 10: The Sign of the Dollar ***

How does Dagny's attitude and response to the train moving and then
stopping differ from her attitude when due to the signal light outage?
(654-6, 672-88, 12-8)

What is the basic story of the 20th Century Motor Company? What is
the moral principle on which it operated? What does the story reveal
about the real-life effects thereof on the company's products,
profits, employees, and community? (660-72)

How does Jeff Allen explain the near-universal support for the scheme
of the 20th Century Motor Company? Is he right or wrong? Why? What
other motives might people have? What were the motives of the Starnes
heirs? (667-8)

What is the response of the passengers to the frozen train? Why is it
so wrong? Is Dagny Taggart running empty trains? (675-7, 678-9)

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