Friday, February 5, 2010

Next Meeting: Tuesday February 9th from 6:00pm - 8:00pm

We are now starting part 3!

Session 12: February 9, 2010: Pages 699 - 751
*Part 3: Chapter 1: Atlantis

Here are the questions:

*** Part 3: Chapter 1: Atlantis ***

What does Dagny see in John Galt on first meeting him? Is it possible
for a person to see that much in another on first meeting? (701-2)

What critical information about Galt does Dagny learn about him on
their way to his house and then at the house? (701-16)

Why does Mulligan's car rent for a rate? Why doesn't Mulligan allow
Galt to use it as a courtesy? (714)

Is it a degradation or a waste for these great industrialists to be
farmers and ordinary workers? Why does Dagny think so? Why don't
they agree? (716-27)

Why is Dagny suprised that Andrew Stockton ruined a competitor? What
does that tell us about the values of the valley? Why do the strikers
regard competition as a positive good? (724-5)

What is Galt's oath? What is its meaning and significance? (731)

What is the essential meaning of and motive for the strike? (738-41)

Why did each of the men at the dinner party go on strike? Were they
justified in doing so? What did each man give up? What did he gain?
How are their stories similar? (741-46)

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